Cake Plate Clings – New at WH Hostess

I had this email pop up in my inbox yesterday from WH Hostess and my first thought was ….CUTE…my second thought was….GENIUS! I love new creative ideas, and I have a slight obsession with patterns, so these caught me right in my heart! From the WH Hostess site – Cake Plate Clings are washable, reusable, non-adhesive, slide-free, residue-free and printed with environmentally friendly ink and material. They are decorative linings designed for cake stands, pedestals and serving dishes and in my humble opinion…they blow the traditional doilies right out of the water for any modern event! I love the scallop edge option and the monogramming {hello Holiday Shopping!!}!

Head over to Kelly’s site, WH Hostess  to see all of the options available for colors, patterns, and customizing! I can’t decide which one I have to have first!! Congrats on the new line Kelly!


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