Halloween Ideas from Cricut

So, I have to be honest…I have loads of crafty friends who have been raving about the Cricut for quite some time. I have continued to think to myself…well, I am a designer, and I have all sorts of shape punches for tags and such…I don’t really need a machine. THENNNNNN….. I get shown their DIY Halloween Parties – both kids and adults – and it kind of turned my way of thinking ALL the way around! How did I not realize just how much you could do with one machine? Of course, you do have to get certain kits with certain die cuts, or download the ones offline…but the cost of the set is definitely cheaper than buying tons of punches or buying loads of decorations for each holiday that will take up tons of storage! Not to mention….you just can’t do a lot of these projects with punches…even if you are a designer!

One of the first projects from the Cricut Halloween DIYs that stuck out to me was the bottle labels. I designed bottle labels for DIY Network that you can download for free and I can just imagine how fantastic they would look if you used a fancy shape on the Cricut to cut them out!! Here is the photo from the Cricut Site, now add in my editable labels and your party for this weekend is custom and fancy! How about naming your wine something fun and cutting the label with a fancy cut?

My next favorite Halloween Project they shared was the popcorn balls! Popcorn Balls scream Halloween to me and I would love to have these cute versions for my little ones and some family friends! You can find the project on the Cricut site here with all of the DIY info! 

Aren’t they cute? And I love the striped straws in the tops!

Here are a few more of my favorites, but if you head over to the site, there are a lot to choose from…and personally, I am crazy excited to test out some fun Cricut projects for my little guys upcoming birthday party!!

Have fun prepping for Halloween!

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