A New Year is Coming!

I feel like I say this every year, but REALLY???? Where did the time go? How is it almost 2013? How? We just finished our New Years Celebration for 2012, didn’t we? I made such a point to “stop and smell the roses” this year…to really take the moments to soak it in…to stop rushing through life from one activity to another and enjoy the quiet moments…but somehow the year overall went even faster than the one before! How does that happen?

I promise a good New Years post on Monday, but I wanted to go ahead and share some New Years Eve printables for those of you doing party prep this weekend! I had such fabulous feedback about the gold and silver printables last year, that I decided to update them to 2013 for you, and do another version in silver and black!! My little guys’ monster truck party a few weeks ago was silver, grey, black, and red, and when I received the black, grey, and silver tassels from The Flair Exchange I knew I was going to pull them back out for New Years Eve! They inspired me to alter the set in this new color scheme for you!! I hope you love them! The Download link is at the bottom!


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