Getting a late Start

Between having a sick family and then finding out one of our dogs is very sick, this year has seemed like a constant waiting game so far….waiting for the family to feel better, waiting for the pups test results, waiting to see doctors…. you get the picture. We see one more doctor for our dog, CeeCee, this week and then ***hopefully*** we wait to see some improvement in her condition.

After feeling like we have been doing so much waiting for things in life to happen, I am chomping at the bit to just MOVE FORWARD! But first, I think I should look back a tiny bit and share some things from this month. Things were so hectic over the first few weeks of this new year that there were a few “new years” posts that didn’t happen, so I want to combine them here and then I promise to move forward with the next post! { Stay tuned because I have A LOT of valentine freebies floating around the web and I will be sharing them this week!! }

One reason I wanted to hop back to New Years, is because I designed some New Years Editable Tent Cards, that really can be used for celebrations all year long! In the Holiday Tent Cards I designed as a free download for DIY Network, I included 2 specifically for New Years – a gold *sparkle* and a chalkboard design!

Here are the designs, and you can see other samples and download these on



Here is the direct link to find these downloadable files on DIY Network! VISIT LINK HERE

I also wanted to thank you all who used my holiday tags and printables!! I have had several people mention using my designs and I can’t even tell you how excited I get every time I hear it! It means so much that you all like the work and can find a way to use it to celebrate the big things, and the small!

My friend Lauren sent me some photos from her New Years Bash where she used some of the NYE printables! Thank you Lauren!


And last but not least…I wanted to share my favorite Martin Luther King, Jr. quote on this holiday…



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