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I stepped away from the blog and from social media a bit last week! My little girl starts the first grade today, and I wanted to make her last week of summer awesome, so I changed gears to enjoy time with the little ones. We had friends over to visit, swim, and play. We spent time with family. We met her new teacher. We made pancakes for breakfast and desserts after dinner. We had a wonderful week and I am honestly sad to see that summer has gone so quickly!

I have found the last few days a sense of nervous excitement too…I am excited about my little one’s new teacher. I am excited for her that she is officially a “grade” now and not a kindergartener. I am excited because I know she loves school and loves to learn and be with her classmates. I am excited because I know this will be a great year…but as I am so thrilled for her and all that she will experience this year, I am reminded that unlike summer time, I am not there to share the experiences with her and see her face as she catches on and learns new and exciting things!

Now, to insert myself into her every day. Lunch Box Notes! My sugary sweet blog friend Amy over at Buggie and Jellybean sent me a text a few weeks ago to ask if I would be doing some Lunch Box Notes and we brainstormed a bit about what our girls would like (her daughter is a year older than mine). She suggested adding a little question at the bottom that the kids could ask classmates while sitting at lunch…to make new friends and get to know one another! Conversation Cards for elementary school? YES PLEASE! Both of our girls love making friends and we thought this would be a fun idea for them. Of course we can’t leave out the boys, so we came up with sets that could be used either way!

Lunch Box Notes 2

Lunch Box Notes 4

I hand illustrated the little graphics and created different cards with various questions! I also created a set of both that don’t have questions on them, both for younger kids who don’t read and for later in the year when they may know everything there is to know about their classmates! I sent one off with my princess this morning and I hope you will be able to use these too!

Lunch Box Notes 3



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