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I love trying to push my limits and come up with new printable designs, so when Kim from the TomKat Studio asked about designing a set of tags for her Holiday Gift guide…I decided to go out on a limb, and try creating watercolor gift tags! The next idea that popped in my head was to create the 12 days of Christmas as watercolor gift tags! Then reality hit and I realized that meant I need to paint 12 different watercolors to complete what was in my mind! I have to admit, taking a break from the computer and working with my hands really does my soul well, so forcing myself to take enough free time for 12 paintings was almost like a little vacation! I am really excited about how they turned out and I hope you will be too!


I think the muted watercolor tones in these watercolor gift tags work beautifully with a gold or kraft wrapping paper and natural and golden tone materials! I used a lot of gold in my wrapping (ribbons, paper, twine…oh my) and I love how these tags looked with it!! I am beyond excited to share these with you and to have my tags available again this year in The TomKat Studio Gift Guide! Head over and check them out along with 16 other designers gift tags, loads of amazing recipes…and of course, the GIFT GUIDE!!



You can download these tags via The TomKat Studio gift guide, or click HERE

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