Fourth Birthday Sneak Peek

Yesterday was my little guys 4th Birthday! I seriously wish I could slow down time…every day they are growing and learning and becoming these incredible little people, and it seems to all go by too fast!! As we are in a pile of boxes right now preparing for our move, I agreed that we could have his birthday party at a local park. With a playground and a bounce house, we really didn’t need any other activities…but we did bring the traditional birthday piñata that didn’t want to break! I tried my hardest to keep it much more scaled down than my normal party so that we could spend Saturday at Disney instead of home doing party prep. For a simple, sweet, party at the park, I think his Dinosaur party turned out just perfect! I will share the whole party on the blog once we catch our breaths after the move and Christmas, but I wanted to share a few photos today that I snapped myself.

I hope you enjoy the little Fourth Birthday Sneak Peek of our Dino Party at the Park!






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