Brand New Kitchen

Along with posting on a regular schedule, I decided in December that this year I would love to share a lifestyle post every Monday…it may still involve parties, printables, and art, if that is what’s going on in our lives…but I wanted a chance to share other things as well. Some weeks, it may be home and decor (as we have a LOT to do with that) and some weeks it may be family or food oriented…no matter which, I plan to make the posts something about what has been going on in our lives over the weekend.

This weekend was the MOVE!! We began moving things into the house last week, but didn’t spend the night here until Friday. It’s still very surreal. As I have mentioned before, my husband was our GC ( in his spare time – after work and on weekends!!!) and I was the lead  only designer. It was a huge learning process for me and I have so much more respect now for what my husband does on a daily basis! I had an overall idea of the look I wanted the house to have, but you really don’t know how everything will come together until the end.

Speaking with other friends who are building now too, the kitchen seems to be the #1 thing to obsess over…and boy did I obsess…over which white the cabinets should be, what color granite, even the hardware seemed like a huge deal! The first room we tackled this weekend was the heart of this home. We got everything put away and organized and I was able to use my new cooktop and ovens to cook the past two nights!  Before we littered the whole house with boxes, we snapped some photos to share.

Here is where we spent our weekend. Welcome to the BRAND NEW KITCHEN!!


This is the view looking in the kitchen from the family room. It is all one big open space, which I am super excited about. We don’t use the micro too often, so we decided to place it in the island, along with the sink and the dishwasher. To the right is the cooking area with the ovens and cooktop, and to the left is the fridge. Straight ahead in a nook between the kitchen and formal dining room is the bar or butlers pantry. All of the cabinets are off white, and the granite is called Crema Typhoon. I guess the granite can have a lot of color variance, but it’s somewhere between a taupe and a grey base with a lot of movement.


We had a hard time picking the sink. I knew I wanted a one basin sink, as in the past homes we’ve lived in I use the two basins as one anyhow. I knew I wanted an apron front farm sink. The concern came with the color. Since they don’t sell them at a store around here, we had to order it (which meant no holding up the cabinets to make sure it was the right color. We talked about a Stainless Steel (which would have been beautiful) but my heart was on porcelain, so we bit the bullet and ordered one called biscuit. We were concerned ti would be yellowish, but it is the perfect shade of off white for our cabinets! Whew!


Here is the right side of the kitchen! I am very excited about my range hood! To be honest, I get easily distracted when cooking dinner…usually by two cute faced little people who need help with something. I have been known to burn a thing or two and have to open the doors to air out the house…but now I can just hit a button!! BAM! Stink burnt smell be gone!


and my favorite view…when you enter the home and turn from the formal dining into the kitchen and family room, this is what greets you!! We have barstools to get, and pendent lights to go up, so there will be some decorating going on, but welcome to our brand new kitchen, and where we spent this weekend!

Now I better get back to balancing work and unpacking! Happy Week Everyone!!


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