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I came home this weekend after an amazing week at the launch of the new Cricut Explore followed by Alt Summit! I will have recap posts on each event, as both were amazing and I feel so grateful for the opportunity to have been there…but today I have something super fun to share that I worked on this weekend!

After getting in late Saturday night, I spent all day yesterday trying to catch up on hugs, sleep, and a little bit of work! My little guy found a stash of glow sticks during our move, and he  and my girl got so excited! They begged and begged for us to let them have the glow sticks, and they didn’t want to wait until dark to enjoy them…they wanted to crack them all and go sit in the laundry room to fully embrace the magic of the glow sticks. Of course, how could I say no, so we all went into the laundry room and shut the door while they danced, jumped around, made necklaces, and found an incredible amount of fun and joy in something we had grabbed on sale for less than a quarter each. Being so close to Valentine’s Day…this got me  thinking about how cute it would be to give glow sticks for my little man’s valentines! I grabbed my pen and sketchbook and drew out this little light bulb and got to work on the design!

I had two kinds, one was a long thin “necklace” and one was short and thick. Wanting cute packaging, I slid the long skinny ones into paper straws (perfect fit, by the way), while I tied bakers twine through the short ones. I made the printables a fold over “flag” style design that can easily wrap around any style of glow stick, or simply fold over the package if you like!

I made the designs editable (using adobe reader) or you can simply write in your name! I hope you and yours enjoy these little Light Up Valentine Designs as much as my little ones do!!





5 thoughts on “Light Up Valentine”

  1. I love this idea! We always try to do something fun and different for VDay at school instead of candy! England (7yrs) said she definitely wants to do this this year!! Thanks Kori! <3

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  3. These are too cute! Thank you for making them editable. I am always looking for cute ideas for our Student Council Grams, and these are perfect. These are going to be a hit at our school!

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