Change is Coming!


My heart is pounding with vulnerability right now as I type! I am so nervous! Change is Coming! It may not be a big change, after all…the content on this blog will be mostly the same…just a little better! I am in the process of REBRANDING THE BLOG!! I will continue posting lots of free printables, sharing designs I have done for others (and what others do with my designs), as well as party ideas and posts. I plan to add more creative kids posts, tips for creatives, a few lifestyle and decor posts(as I work on the new house), and some of my favorite photo props and ideas for sharing designs. What will change is what you see up there ^. The blog name…and URL. It may not seem like a big deal, but it kind of is. Over the past four years, the company and blog have continued to evolve into a business and a place that feels much more “authentic” than it ever has before!

When Paper & Pigtails came to life, it was all kids, parties, and printables. It was something fun for me to do with another mom who had daughters (hence the pigtails). Kid’s party design is her talent while design and illustration is mine, so it all fit great…but for the last 3.5 years the business has just been me, only it kind of wasn’t really “me”. I love kids parties, but it’s not my main focus and hasn’t been the main focus of this blog for years. Two years ago, I had a business chat with Emily Ley and she mentioned at that time that “Paper & Pigtails” was a little misleading as it sounded girly and all kids, but my business as a designer was much more. I launched last year but was too scared that I would lose or confuse customers, so I didn’t change the blog. My social media networks were all different names, and if you were on the blog and clicked shop…different URL…and I was scared of confusing people by changing!! Crazy a little bit, right? Fast forward to the Cricut Event (which I will blog about soon, once I am through the rebranding of the blog) and I introduced myself to someone who then asked about my blog. I told her the name and she smiled and said “Oh!! A KIDS blog!”. What she meant to be sweet hit me pretty hard. While I love creating things for kids, and sharing projects and printables for kids, I am a designer and illustrator. My business is design and illustration. My blog is about a lot of “design” projects, not just kids projects. So I am finally taking the plunge and moving my blog onto…rebranding my blog as Kori Clark Design (the business I have used as a freelance artist for 12 years now), and moving forward. I hope you will stay with me and I hope you love my “new space” as much as I do!! I am waiting on some posts for everything to be moved over, but it won’t be long!! I will also go to a newsletter format soon so you will only get one email with the latest blog posts instead of an email each time I post! I like a clean inbox and I want the same for you!

Keep your eyes peeled and if you see @koriclarkdesign on social media, it’s still little ole me!

Happy start to the week, friends!! xoxo

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