The Sugar Short List


HELLO!! I have been over here quietly at work for months now, and I can’t wait to start sharing lots of fun with you all!! What do you think of the brand new blog here on my website?? Of course, it still has all of the content of the Paper & Pigtails blog, but it’s now finally wrapped neatly into one website, one name, one brand! Can you hear my sigh of relief? I absolutely love it, and it feels so authentic and real to my brand and my style, so I hope you love it too! While all of this has been going on behind the scenes, I have been working on new posts, free printables, and tips and tricks to share once the blog was moved…so let’s get started, shall we??

My first FREE Printable with the new blog is maybe one of my all time favorites! When I went to ALT in January, I had the chance to meet Lauren, an event designer, stylist, calligrapher and the brains (and beauty) behind  A Fabulous Fete. Her work is stunning to say the least, and she is just as cute! When I got home, we started chatting about doing some projects together to marry my illustrations and her calligraphy. I was so excited to get the chance to work with her and I am even more excited to share!



We decided to create a poster called “The Sugar Short List” just for fun and for a FREE DOWNLOAD for you! I illustrated and watercolored a variety of sweet dishes and then sent my work to Lauren. She took my designs, layed them out, and added her calligraphy to make it feel almost like an educational style poster! I am not even sure that the pictures do it justice…it’s so cute! PS Check out Lauren’s shop HERE too…full of cute! It’s an 11″x14″ poster. The local print shop here had 12″x18″ stock that they printed on, and I liked it too much to cut the white edges off! If you open it in Adobe Reader, you can also print in on regular 8.5″ x 11″ card stock. This is our Sweets Short List…the top favorites of ours! We hope that you love our poster, download it for free, share it with your friends, share it with your local coffee shop or bakery, and smile every time you see it! From our hearts to your, may your day be full of sugar!


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