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I promised myself as summer was coming to a close, that I would find time to share more of my custom illustrations and watercolors with you all! It’s one of my favorite parts of this business for several reasons – 1: I absolutely adore working with others! I love bringing someone’s vision to life, and their reactions to designs created just for them are seriously priceless!! 2: Illustration is my “niche” so to speak…even when I do a graphic on the computer, it almost always starts as a concept with pencil and paper. I adore the imperfections and “realness” of something done by hand! So, I will be including blog posts highlighting my custom illustrations, hopefully once a week! Today, I wanted to share a recent commission I did for a home painting. I offer these cuties in the shop HERE and I have noticed that a lot of people order them as gifts…isn’t that fun? This home is actually the home of my talented friend and cookbook author, Aimee Broussard! She and her husband recently built this house in my home state of Louisiana and she wanted the home portrait not only for herself, but also to have the art scanned in and made into little notecards that they could send from the “Broussard’s Home”. {Stealing this idea and making my own home notecards ASAP!} BroussardsHomeBlog BroussardsHome2Blog I love it. I also am totally in love with Stella & Milo who are sitting in front of the home! StellaMiloBlog I hope your day is full of happiness!

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