Halloween Cupcake Toppers

I promised I would round out the little “Halloween Set” with today’s post right? Well, I saved my favorite, most versatile printable for today… the party circle!! Halloween Cupcake Toppers 1 Yesterday I posted printable drink labels and bag toppers, and a few weeks ago a “take one” Halloween candy sign! I loved the clean black and white stripes so I am just adding to it! Today, I am sharing printable party circles, which can be used for so many things… You can print them on sticker paper and make stickers, you can glue them to water bottles, you can glue them to a strip of paper and make napkin wraps, you can use them as tags with a hole punch, or you can use them in our favorite way of all – Cupcake toppers! DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE CUPCAKE TOPPERS HERE! Halloween Cupcake Toppers 3 And because it’s Halloween, they can’t just be any old cupcakes… they should really be Halloween Cupcakes, right? I am by no means a master decorator when it comes to food, but I love to have fun with it, and I love to make it fun for my kids too! Since I knew I would be adding the toppers, I didn’t want anything too crazy on the cupcake itself. I baked cupcakes in some cute baking cups and then covered them in white icing. Then I used a toothpick to draw lines down the sides like little pumpkins (PS I am slightly obsessed with white pumpkins as seen in my post here!) Halloween Cupcake Toppers 2   Finally, I stuck some chocolate Qvation Sticks (from Sweetworks) right in the middle for stems! TaDa! White pumpkin cupcakes… add a topper and enjoy! Happy October friends!!

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  1. I swear! Our projects are always so similar!! Ha!! I ALMOST posted celebration circles too – with black and white stripes for the background! Changed it up at the last minute and went in a different direction. *wink* Yours came out adorable Kori!! Love ya girl!!!

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