Last Minute Father’s Day Crafts!

Around here, my husband constantly says things like “I don’t want anything”, “Don’t buy me anything”, and “I would rather save some money”. While I take a different approach on “my days”, I have to respect his wishes, so while we still get something small, we like to make DIY father’s Day gifts. This way, the kids are involved, and we have things to give dad without breaking the bank!

I have two projects that we did this week that were simple and quick that we wanted to share with you before the weekend… a photo keychain and drink coasters!

Father's Day Gifts

The first one, the keychain was a lot of fun and really easy! I had each child go through a photo album and pick out a photo of themselves to go on their keychain, then look in magazines for pictures of things their dad likes to go on the other side!

Dad Keychain1

To start, you must find two old gift cards (yes… the ones that have zero balance and somehow are still in your wallet… those!). Using a hole punch, punch a hole in the corner and then spray the card with spray mount. Let the kids line up the photo and press it on! Now it’s an adult’s turn, use a exacto knife to cut the photo around the card edge so it’s the same size. Next, spray the back with spray mount and let the kids stick the pictures of their dad’s “favorite” things (Mine picked fish photos). Flip the card and repeat cutting around it with the X-acto knife, then use the hole punch to punch the hoe through the photos where it’s punched through the card. (You may be able to punch it all at once, but I wasn’t sure I was strong enough, so I punched the card, then through photo one when it was placed, then photo two when it was placed…so I could line it up each time).

Dad Keychain2

Finally, cover the whole thing with Modge Podge and add a key ring! Ta-Da!

Dad Keychain Final


The next craft we did was simple and fun, and we were really pleased with the results! We made vintage map coasters! My husband likes old maps and our home is Florida, so we were able to find some old maps in historical archives from a local college and printed them out. Our craft required coasters (we bought a set of wooden ones from the craft store, but tiles would work too.), black paint, maps, and Modge Podge.

Map Coasters1

First we painted the edges of our coaster black (I used chalkboard paint because it was what I had… go with the flow, friends!). Then we traced the size of the coaster onto the maps and cut them out. Next, I tore around the edges to make it “distressed” and make it smaller than the coaster so that the black edges showed through. My daughter glued them down using spray glue and glue sticks and then we covered the coasters in Modge Podge!

Map Coasters4

Such a simple and cute project! You don’t have to use old maps, you can do this same project with kids fingerprints or artwork, photos, beer box labels, or anything else that inspires you this father’s day… the most important thing is that you show him how much he means to you!

Happy Crafting this weekend and happy Father’s Day to all of you wonderful dads!

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