Cards and Anniversary Designs for Cricut!

Happy Monday Y’all!! I hope you are all starting the week off with a smile!

I wanted to pop in and share some cards and a sweet project that I designed for Cricut today! I had so much fun with these and I hope you do too!

The cards I designed are Thank You Cards, Congrats Cards, an Anniversary Card, and an anniversary project! I wanted some of these cards to fit easily into standard envelopes, so I took careful consideration when designing to make sure that they fit. I created some of the cards flat instead of folded so that they can be bigger and fit the envelope. The smaller folded cards are perfect to attach to a gift!




First of all is the happy Watercolor Fruit Congrats Card. I love the sweet colors and organic feel of this design! This scalloped edge card is a 5″ x 5″ card, so it fits into the square envelope. The fruit was originally painted for a soft and sweet party set and it makes me smile whenever I see it, so I thought it would be the perfect addition to a congratualtions card!



Next up in the Congrats Cards, is this Watercolor Dream Big Card. This is a card that folds over into a 4″ x 4″ card with cute stripes on the back! This is a great design for someone who is entering a new chapter in life…. from graduation to a new job, “dream big” is a great reminder that the best is yet to come!


Now for the Thank You cards!! This citrus striped Thank You Cut Out Card shows off the Cricut’s skills with the cut out brush styled letters! This is another 4″ x 4″ fold over card, so you can write on the inside and allow a little “peek through” effect, or you can get really creative and line the back of the front cover with a contrasting card stock or fabric for a fun look!


Really, you shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, what says Thank you like a weenie dog? Right? I love this little guy! This is the Dachshund Thank You Card!  I like to think he is giving a LOOOOOONG Thank You! =) This guy will fit in a 5″ x 7″ envelope. You can write your sentiments under the Thank You or on the back, and if you feel fancy, wrap a little ribbon around his neck like a leash and collar and tie it to your gift bag!



Whether it’s a friend who is crazy about dachshunds or just a dog lover, this card is certainly going to bring a smile!

Next up are two of my favorites, and it’s because of the sentiment behind the designs! These are my anniversary projects and they make me smile from ear to ear. My husband and I celebrated 10 years this past March and my parents just celebrated 45 years! Love is alive and well, and whether you are on your first anniversary or your fifty first, there is so much joy in seeing love grow and change over time.


Starting with the Anniversary Heart Card, I designed this print and cut card to be a 5″ x 5″ flat card with tiny heart cut outs in the corners! The heart filled with hearts is a watercolor design with shades of light blue and aqua, which carry over into the brush style font. The sentiment is sweet and playful and so true…



… and gives me all of the heart eyes!

Keeping with the watercolor heart theme, I came up with a gift idea to go along with the card and I was so thrilled with how it turned out!

I created Anniversary Heart Art  that is easy to personalize and easy to create!! Whether giving this gift to a spouse, as a wedding gift, or an anniversary gift, it’s a personal gift that’s sure to hold a special place!




This is a 5″ x 5″ watercolor square with one white heart at the bottom. You enter the wedding date and/or couples monogram and print then cut! The Cricut will cut the pattern of “Half Hearts” so that once the design is cut, you can simply fold back each one creating a white heart and a 3-D effect! I choose to frame mine in an 8″ x 8″ frame, but a large white mat and a bigger frame would create a high impact piece!



I hope you love these new cards and the Anniversary Projects! Head over to my Brand Page on Cricut to check out the other designs I have available!


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