Thanksgiving Crafts with Cricut

I may be a bit partial, but watercolor and circuit crafts are kind of my favorite!! When it came time to design some things for fall and Thanksgiving, I knew right away what one project would be… acorns! Any mom out there knows that little ones seem to love acorns, which is when I got a soft spot for them too. My son especially found them to be amazing and always wanted to “collect them”. At the end of the day of preschool he would have gathered pockets full of acorns. I would wait until we got home and he forgot about them to clean them out and put them back outside. Even now in kindergarten, he still finds acorns that he thinks are “so cool mom”.

I decided to watercolor some acorns and they turned out so adorable that I thought they would make the perfect little fall tote bag (fall festival anyone?) Whether you make these for favor bags, as a gift, or for yourself, they are filled with a love for little hands collecting natures tiny seeds. I also printed some of these out on vinyl and stuck them to treat bags, cups, and anything else I could reach!

Head to Cricut here for the print to cut file! 




Next, came tiny leaves, tiny acorns, and a wreath that echoed the sentiments that have been in our lives lately “Give Thanks”. We have had some serious ups and downs this year with family illnesses, but every single day, I take time to give thanks for the blessings that we do have… and there is so much to be thankful for!

This design I also plan to print on vinyl and add it to a canvas for some Fall art, but how cute is it adorning my vase? I filled the vase with pinecones and it is a wonderful and simple centerpiece or fall decoration! The best part is that you can simply peel the vinyl off after the holiday and fill the vase with ornaments for a simple swap!

Head to Cricut here for the print to cut file! 




My third fall project is centered around cookies… because – cookies, that’s why! We like to drop a few homemade treats off to friends and decided to add some adornments to the little striped kraft bags. I hand lettered “give thanks”, scanned it in, and cut it out of vinyl. Then came the peel and stick and I have sweet little customized Kraft bags to put cookies in!

Visit the project on Cricut here for the print and cut file!  




On a personal note, the coming weeks will be filled with crazy… lots of it! I am looking forward to so many wonderful things and I will try to find the minutes to share some with you along the way! I hope your coming weeks are filled with the good kind of crazy, too! xo

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