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Today is the first day back from my kids spring break (which is similar to my spring break, as I work from home!). I loved having them here all week, but it surely causes me to reinvent my work schedule to accommodate being able to enjoy their moments, and still find my time! We played at the beach, visited Busch Gardens, had a play date, and bought a piano!!

As much as I adore taking time to focus on them, I am always oddly excited when I get my regular schedule back! I think it’s twofold, for one thing, I love a routine. I am a homebody and I like to know where and when things will happen. I also love my job with a sincere passion. I love illustrating and working with brands and clients so much, that when I am away, I miss it terribly! So, today, I am back in force with a lot of work on my plate and an excited and grateful heart to carry me through!

If you join me here, you know that one of my favorite brands to work with is Cricut and I love coming up with new designs for every month! These greeting card designs were born from personal necessity, as they were all cards that I needed, and didn’t find what I wanted at the store! I hope that you love them as much as I do!

Welcome Home Card 1

Welcome Home Card 2

Welcome Home Card 3

The first card I designed is a Housewarming Card! I watercolored a pineapple (because it’s a symbol for “welcome” and super super cute, obviously!) to go onto the front. I love the pops of soft color that the watercolor gives! While this is a perfect card, I also discovered that when printed on vinyl, it makes a perfect wine label too! Simply smack it over the current label, add a big bow, and present!

Visit Cricut HERE to see more about this project and make it for yourself! 


Smooth Sea Hang In There Card 1 Smooth Sea Hang In There Card 2 Smooth Sea Hang In There Card 5


Next up is a card that is near and dear to me, a Thinking of You Card. My husband and I have talked about life and the way things seem to change over time… it seems like yesterday that our friends were buying a first home, having a first baby, or even getting married. We laughed and celebrated all of the time! However, the truth is, life gets hard too… friends get sick, you start hearing words like “cancer” far more often that you want to. Struggles come when you least expect them, and it’s so important for friends and family to feel the strength in numbers during these times. This card is to let that person know that you believe in them. You stand beside them. You will weather the storm to come, no matter what!

I created the waves with ink and watercolor for the card. I also found an adorable bag template on Cricut and made my own bag from painted watercolor paper… they were meant to be together, by the way! Use this little bag to hold candy, a gift card for coffee, or a thoughtful trinket. You can tie the card on as I did, or you can print it on sticker paper and stick it to the bag or a sweet little box!

Go to Cricut HERE for full details and how-tos!

Get Well Soon Card 1

Get Well Soon Card 4

Get Well Soon Card 3


Lastly in this set of three cards is the Get Well Soon card! I used one of my favorite illustrations for this design! Something about balloons just makes me want to smile, so I couldn’t think of anything better for a Get Well Soon card… unless of course you can add a balloon to the balloon design!

This cute card is layered on a basic folded card shape I cut from Kraft card stock. On the inside, I glued a tiny clothespin and stuck a balloon in it!

If you are interested in seeing more of the How To or want to make this design, head over to Cricut HERE and you can make it for yourself!! 


Have a great Monday friends!




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