Back to School!!

Back to School Time, sponsored by Zazzle (but the watercolors and thoughts are mine all mine!)


Well, there it went… summer. It rushed in and seduced us with it’s warm air, lack of schedules, and dreams of vacations… and then it was gone. In it’s place we have new shoes and backpacks, fresh notebooks and pens filled with ink, pencils  (pre sharpened) and erasers that still are unsmudged. It’s back to school time and we are feeling a bit ready. I like schedules (most of the time), I like organization, I like knowing my kids are safe and happy and engaged in amazing experiences every day… oh and plus, I like me time. There I said it. I like time to work without having to stop typing or painting every few minutes. I like time to go to the store… alone. I like feeling like I have gotten things accomplished so that when my babies come home, I can focus on them!

Every year we go through our back to school rituals and have to do our back to school shopping! The kids usually have certain color folders or notebooks they have to have, my kids wear uniforms too… but we do have some things that we can have fun with and I ordered some from Zazzle! It started with my daughter’s iPad. She wanted a new case for the iPad mini she uses and she happened to see the coral design I watercolored and she fell in love. The more I thought about it, I realized we could have her set up very cute for the first day of school!

You see, she had already ordered this cute teal-blue tie die style backpack and lunch box, but I knew she needed a water bottle and a activity bag (for the after school activities). I decided to use the coral watercolor painting I had done to make designs for all three things and I am so thrilled with how they turned out!!


First up was the water bottle! I love how pretty and simple it is, and that I was able to customize it with her name! It’s so cute with all of her things!

Secondly was the activity bag, for this design I actually made a watercolor pattern and uploaded it. The quality of the bag is so nice and I love that it’s lined and a bit heavier feeling!

Lastly was the iPad case that started the whole thing! We added her name to this as well and she thinks I am pretty much the coolest mom ever…. which works for me! =)



Now head on over to Zazzle to shop their Back to School gifts and take 30% off with code: ZBIGDEALFORU

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Happy Weekend Y’all!


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