New Rug, New Studio


My friends over at Wayfair wanted to share how simply changing a rug could change a room, and I couldn’t wait to jump in and share my home studio and it’s NEW Wayfair Rug!  I should start by telling you that I purchased a flat weave striped rug from Wayfair many years ago that has been with me through two kids, three puppies, and countless craft projects until one day I realized that it’s time in our home had come and gone. I absolutely got my money’s worth out of that one, so I knew I would shop Wayfair for the next rug as well.


I lived without a rug at all for months, much to my three pup’s dismay. They would either beg to sit in my chair, or they would sit outside of the studio staring in…. obviously upset that I didn’t have proper seating for them. The truth is, I just wasn’t sure what I wanted! I loved the lightness of my space and I tend to go more monotone when I decorate, so it finally occurred to me that what I should focus on instead of color, is texture. After having a flat weave for so long, I wanted something that made the room warm and inviting without being overbearing.

Then I came across an Ivory – Grey Shag Rug by Home Dynamix and I was sold!! It’s light and airy, but fluffy and warm feeling!! As soon as it was unrolled in my studio both of my kids and all three pups had to roll on it… because it’s shag obviously so why not!


How are those for some happy pup faces… and seriously… this fluffy rug!! <3


Even thought I kept the furniture and accents all off white, I used various textures through the space to create warmth and contrast.




The other bonus with neutrals in the studio is that I can add any paintings I wish and they will always go with the color palette!

What do you think of how my new fluffy rug changed my space?? It kept it light, but brought in so much more warmth! I think these winter whites are ready for cooler weather (and by that I mean 70 degrees… it is Florida after all).


Happy Weekend!



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