Abstract Watercolors Are HERE!

It’s true, finally, Abstract Watercolors Are HERE! If you have been following me on IG or FB, you have probably seen a lot of these Ocean inspired watercolors in my feed. I have been taking custom orders for months, with the hope of creating some of these beauties to start posting for sale and I finally made it happen!

KC Blue Breeze 1

KC Awakening 5

Blue Breeze

KC January Morning 3

I’d love to fill you in a little on what these paintings mean to me, and why I paint them in the first place… As most of you know, I am a Floridian and I have a deep love for the ocean. To be honest, I love lakes, rivers, and swamps too, but that will be another series of work. I would love for you to read over my artist statement below and share these new large watercolors with someone that you think would appreciate them!

Artist Statement : “You can place it, move it around, lift it, color it, and try to have control… But like life, water moves anyway, it soaks into patterns you didn’t expect, it flows to the edges or to the center, It blends into colors you didn’t know were there. You can’t control water any more than you can control life , but you can always flow with it. My desire when I paint is that my Watercolors show that beauty lives in the unexpected. I want them to bring peace, calm and joy in a choatic world. I want the paintings to carry you to a place where you felt the beauty of water.”

Thank you for the constant support, friendship, and encouragement. I hope that these paintings find a way to bring a sense of calm to your world! <3



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