March Phone Wallpapers!

Can we chat for second… a real chat. It’s March and I have already flunked on one of my “goals” for this year. I set a goal for myself to blog twice a week. When I logged in to post this I saw that my last post was February wallpapers. A month ago. Not exactly keeping up with that twice a month thing… le sigh (that’s my french alter ego, btw).

Anyhow… I guess that’s the cool think about goals. It can still be my goal. Or I can change my goal. It’s not a resolution, but a goal, right? I haven’t decided if I will try again or toss this goal out like my son’s dollar bin toys when he isn’t looking, but I will let you know when I do!

Until then, enjoy my monthly blog post with new phone wallpapers! Just click on one of the papers below and save the photo to your photo roll, then save as your wallpaper! Voila! PS I had to add the party animal with Easter April 1st, obviously!!






What Fresher than lemons and cuter than pink lemons? Nothing… that’s what!


Hanging Tulips? Yes, Please. All Day! An Easter Party Animal for some spring time fun.

And simple florals!


Hoppy March, Y’all!

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