August Digital Wallpapers!

It’s time for the August Digital Wallpapers! If I have to be totally honest, I am way more excited for August than I was for July.  Not because of any reason, but I assume it had to do with me turning 40 and having no idea what life would look like in my 40s vs my life in my 30s. Honestly, this is a long post for another day, but to sum it up it took me a while to figure out how I felt about turning 40. After a lot of thought and few divine interventions, I realized that the 40s are about learning to enjoy the journey and ride the ride. I love to plan, but I think this decade will be throwing a lot of curve balls, so my focus is on loving the moments now vs worrying about the ones to come. July ended up being an amazing one in the end…so now I am fully ready to toss myself into August!

This week is my husband and my daughter’s birthdays and we are so thrilled to celebrate! In honor of both of them, I came up with this ice cream cone wallpaper which may be my favorite ever. It’s so cheerful!

Second up, I had a friend suggest a watercolor Frangipangi , so I came up with this one!

Simply click on the above picture and save it to your camera roll, then in settings, add it to your wallpaper and Ta-Da! Summer <3

For past August Wallpapers, check out these past free downloads! HERE & HERE

I hope you love these and I hope August is an amazing month full of surprises and joy!




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