October Wallpapers

IT’S OCTOBER!!!! I mean, it’s still 90 degrees out and 120% humidity, but now we have pumpkin flavored everything… oh and mums, we have mums!

This month, I decided that I had enough halloween and pumpkin themed wallpapers from years past and wanted to add some furry cuteness to the world. (for links to the past wallpapers, scroll down!)

First up, can I get some love for the hedgehog? They make me smile every time I look at one and I am definitely going to be smiling all month with this guy on my phone <3


Just look at those little cheeks! Simply save the jpg to your photo roll on your phone and then set it as your background… then smile! Ta DA!

Next up is my own art experiment of sorts…. a few years ago I painted a sweet fox using gouache… similar to watercolor but more opaque. I have loved him ever since, but wondered how he’d look with the organic feel of watercolor and the fun textures water leaves on the paper… so I painted him using watercolor! I love him too! He is much less rich in tone, but the airy feel of it is a breath of fresh air!

Now for links for those of you who NEED the pumpkins and halloween goodness!

2017 October Wallpapers are HERE 


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