January 2019 Digital Wallpapers

January 1st is right around the corner and I am still trying to set some goals and intentions for the year…. but one thing that I know for certain is that I need to simplify the expectations I have on myself. This doesn’t mean “lower my expectations”… and there is a difference.

I can and will always expect the best of myself in all that I do, but I need to simplify what I feel I NEED to do. I don’t “need” to check social media accounts or email 12 times a day. I don’t need to have dishes done as soon as people finish eating, and I don’t need to attempt perfection in all areas of life. I need those moments that are being sucked away to do things that bring peace to my life and my family… more time to talk with family, more time to take care of my health, and more time to paint just for the love of it… Simplifying the expectations I put on myself allows me more time to enjoy a healthy, happy and more fulfilled life.

Now onto what you came for… FREE WALLPAPERS!

In an effort to help myself keep this year’s intentions in mind, I created some wallpapers that will hopefully bring peace and serenity when I look at them and I hope they do the same for you! xoxo

As always, click the background you like and save to your photos, then set it as your desktop! Easy!









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