Exciting News!!

Really truly… it’s actually news!

Check out the article written by our local paper! I was so honored to be included in their publication. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this community we live in and it means the world to me to be a part of it!

Kori Clark is in the flow with her abstract and heartbeat art.

by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

As an artist, Mill Creek’s Kori Clark said she loves taking a blank campus and creating something “that has a pulse.”

Perhaps she should have said, “a heartbeat.”

Clark, who already was established with her flow (abstract) art, has created a niche for herself by creating art from the heartbeat of unborn babies.

“When my niece was born (18 months ago), my sister-in-law was wanting art for my niece’s nursery,” Clark said. “She had been getting her sonograms printed out. She thought it would be a neat piece.”

Clark pulled out a canvas and used a pencil to draw a heartbeat graph. She built up the penciled-in area with texture so you could “look at the heartbeat.”



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