November 2019 Wallpapers

Over the last year I switched to doing free wallpapers on a seasonal basis vs a monthly basis…. but y’all…. I MISSSSSS doing these wallpapers monthly! It’s such a fun way for me to give back to you friends who visit my little space on the internet.  Also… I love taking a break from commissions and freelance at least once a month to just paint for the fun of painting. SO, what I am trying to say is….


These designs are made to fit the iPhone X(R) screen but if there is a need for a different size option, please don’t be shy about asking! I can always add other sizes.

First… it’s November… and what is November without Turkey? I mean, just ask Adam Sandler. I painted this turkey as a commission for a boy’s room, but it was so cute that I wanted to share it with y’all too!


Simply save the photo to your phone and then make it your wallpaper! Voila!

Second was a fall feels watercolor with leaves and cute mushrooms… what else could you want?


And if these two don’t suit your fancy, how about one of these from last year? Enjoy and Happy November, y’all!!




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