2020, Lets do this

It’s the first Monday of 2020! It’s been such a wonderful few years and I have LOVED blogging over the past 10 or so of them… but if you follow me then you know that the majority of posts for the last several years have been my monthly wallpaper downloads with a random other post thrown in from time to time. My blog has always been a support for my art and design business, but with the rise of social media, I am able to share most of that information without ever logging into the blog.

A few years ago, I started wanting to post more lifestyle posts. You see, I’m turning 42 this year… I’m pretty sure that I am middle aged at this point and this year when my daughter’s birthday rolls around, we will be parenting a teenager. I love the young mom posts and I used to post those myself… I love the young trendy lifestyle bloggers and artists and find them incredibly inspiring and hard working. That said I don’t find a lot of lifestyle blogs that are in my phase of life… and that’s what first gave me the drive to start posting more lifestyle posts. I wanted to share more about life in our 40s, kids getting older, and the lifestyle changes that come with all of that…  Do you know what killed that drive? Fear. Fear that someone else was already doing it way better than I could. Fear that no one cared what I had to say. Fear that I wouldn’t be able to follow through. Fear of failure.

Fast forward to 2020. Nothing happened at midnight to change anything… but my mindset has been changing for months. You see… I decided that all of the things I was afraid of don’t matter. If I am only writing these posts for myself, then it’s like an online diary and maybe one day I will love looking back over it. But maybe one person takes inspiration from one single post. Maybe one mom feels like someone “gets it” about the tween years. Maybe one person is inspired to try a different style of pants or travel to a new place… The fact is, I will never know if I don’t try. We have a sign in out home that says “It is what it is” and that’s how I feel about this… I don’t know where it will go, but it is what it is. I posted on IG HERE about how I plan to make more choices in 2020… and I am choosing to blog more and share more lifestyle posts for women in my phase of life.

What does that look like, you ask? Well, it looks like all of the things I love and I’m passionate about. It’s posts about art still, obviously. It’s posts about parenting through late childhood and middle school years. It’s posts about creating a calm, organized home for joy. It’s posts about style both in fashion (because fashion in your 40s is much more of a balancing act than fashion in your 20s) and home decor. It’s posts about dogs and critters. It’s posts about home and travel. It’s posts about marriage. It’s posts about health, dinners and habits…. and it’s still free printables and wallpapers. It’s basically me if I pluck out all of the things that make me happy and toss them into my website.

I hope you will join me… both here on the blog and in my mission to not let fear decide what 2020 looks like.

2020, Let’s do this !



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