Watercolors : Client Photos!

These last few months have been amazing with the watercolor commissions that have been coming in. I swear I have the most amazing clients and they always send me pics of their adorable pets, and beautiful homes…. I mean, how lucky can a girl get?

I wanted to quick stop in today and share a few photos that my clients have sent me recently of their paintings after they received them! A huge thank you to everyone who has and continues to trust me with such special gifts!

I mean… how cute is this? Colors is admiring her picture.


And check out London the Cav! You can find her on IG with the sweetest pictures ever @LondonRoseTheCav

And y’all, this one may have been my favorite holiday order. This home on some acreage here in Florida was built by the husbands parents. It is now their home and she and her husband have continued to build onto, love, and restore this home. His parents live on the same property and this home symbolizes a bond, legacy, a drive, and family heirlooms, and passion for what’s the most important in life. She said he was so surprised when he opened the gift and it brought him so much joy! I feel so blessed that I was able to turn their family home into artwork… and check out the barn wood frame she had it framed in? I mean… it’s so stunning!!




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