DIY Tutorial – Create for Care Collection

It’s been a year, right? Goodness! I will be honest, in the beginning of the Covid lockdown I was ambitious and wanted to create multiple videos a week to keep kids busy and doing art, as well as doing something that brings joy and calm to a crazy situation. Well, I did get a clustering of videos made for my site here (which you can find by scrolling back through my posts) but I also started doing videos on a local FB page for my community and I want to share those here!

The project is called Create for Care and it’s a two sided name… 1) we wanted people to use creativity as a way of self care and 2) we used these projects to bring joy and a smile to our local healthcare workers at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center!

Even though the art projects have been running on FB for over 8 weeks, you can go back and log into any that you like and start today!

Here is my favorite and a link below the pictures so you can play the video via Facebook.

Head over to Kori Clark Design on Facebook and take a peek through the wall to find loads of other DIY drawing and watercolor tutorials!

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