Ready for Baby Holden

Well, I don’t know if anyone is ever REALLY ready for the newest member of their family….but we sure have been doing our best to try!  With less than 10 days to our due date, we finally feel like the important things are crossed off of the “to-do before baby” list.

We have registered with the hospital, packed a bag, reorganized the ENTIRE house, gotten Charlotte a special “big sister” shirt, put up our Christmas tree and last but certainly not least – decorated a new nursery!

Here are photos of the nursery, where my husband put up lots of moulding and did lots of painting – ENJOY!

And, the nursery was based around some Guy Harvey paintings that we were lucky enough to have him sign in person last time we went to Panama City!

And finally, I am pretty sure I am ready to have this baby! I am not sure how much more this skin could stretch!! Here is my almost 39 week photo –

Please excuse the ponytail (a bad habit) and the evil-looking fish behind me!

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