Party Planning Thrills and Sneaks


I LOVE stationery and “Party Designs” but I am not sure that translates into “Party Planning”.  This is all very new to me {Disclaimer – Professionals WILL make this process MUCH EASIER!} Here I am in the middle of “planning a party” for my soon to be three year old, and I admit, I am starting to get the rush that seeing a party come together brings! When people purchase printables from Paper & Pigtails, I love hearing how excited they are to add them to their festivities, but haven’t gotten this rush myself until this week!

Those of you who do this often can tell me if it’s always this way, but with the party in only 1.5 short weeks, packages have begun to arrive and it is truly thrilling to tear into them with my little girl and start to see how this party {MAY ACTUALLY} come together.

I wanted to share a few of the goodies I have gotten so far with some sneak peeks.

I received a package yesterday from the AMAZING Twirlie Whirlies! She makes custom pinwheels in varied sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. Having bought two of the Lilly Pinwheels in the Tort pattern, I wanted to bring in a lot of white to add a mod, clean touch to everything. I showed Shannon of  Twirlie Whirlies the pinwheels I had and she made sure these white ones also had 8 points (a detail I wouldn’t have thought of!) and that the sticks were long enough for the container they are going in!

How beautiful are these! Thank You Shannon! I CAN’T WAIT to see them in their final place at the party!!

Keep your eyes peeled because another post is coming soon to show off the adorable Taffy Wands from Kate Landers Events, LLC…you are going to want these….I can’t stop looking at them!

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  1. I am so happy that you are pleased with your pinwheels and hope your little girl’s party is wonderfully magical. You have reminded me that my little guy’s 3rd birthday is just over a month away. I’d better get to work!

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