The Invitation – Charlotte's Party

I posted two weeks ago with an inspiration board for my little girls invitations (and upcoming party).ย  It’s always fun to find beautiful photos that can bring the feelings you have about something into a visual image….and even more fun when it’s for your baby. OK, she will tell you she “Is not a BABY” and “I’m a big girl”, but she is and always will be MY BABY.

The main inspirations for her invitations were these Lilly Pulitzer plates

{Lilly Pulitzer Desert Tort Plates}

and the adorable plushy designs sent to me by Jordon of Georgia Grace.

{Heather Bailey Sewing Pattern}

Illustrating this adorable turtle for her I also took cues from the tortoises we photographed at the Miami Zoo. I wanted the feeling to be a clean, modern, bright, girly feel. We are having a pool party, so a bright and fun design was important to setting the tone!

Honestly, I couldn’t be pleased more with how they turned out and looking at them is only getting me MORE excited to make this day amazing for “my sweet sunshine“!

{The turtle designs will be added to the shop in August!}

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