Moving Day is on it's Way

Life has been full of adventure and excitement in the Clark home! Every time I turn around I bump into one of these…

Tired of a crazy commute, we listed our home on the market…and sold it to the first couple who came to see!! We decided that since we’d have to move quickly, we would rent until we had more time…then we found a dream home…and bought it! NOW, we are juggling two closings, the anxiety of making sure everything goes according to plan, and trying to move out of one home and move into a new home later the same day. Oh…while running a business, several  fabulous new projects, and enjoying every moment of time with my three year old and eight month old! To be perfectly honest…as crazy as it is, I wouldn’t have it any other way! We feel so blessed with how things have fallen into place.

Although I am scared to show too much, in case something goes wrong…I wanted to share a few favorite aspects of the new home!  One of my favorite places is the kitchen. I am such a fan of light, bright places and in addition to the bay window looking over the pool, and the over AND under cabinet lighting….there is actually a window between the cabinets and counter top!! I won’t be able to blame cooking mistakes on lack of lighting anymore!

Two of our other favorites have to do with water! The neighborhood boat docks at the end of the street, and our new pool….time for swimming lessons for the kids…ASAP!

I assure you I am FULL of emotional ups and downs, as this is very bittersweet for me. We are moving from our first home, where we came after our honeymoon and where we brought our two children home from the hospital. There are so many memories and so much love associated with this home. I have shed more than a couple of tears thinking of leaving, but I will take my amazing memories with me and I’m so thrilled for the new adventures and memories we will make in the years to come.

Now, back to these boxes…please excuse me if it seems to take a little extra time to respond to emails or convos…I may be lost in a sea of cardboard!

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