Free Printables for kids with Food Allergies

I realized with school starting back up, a lot of my mommy friends have to deal with sending their little ones off with food allergies and the concern they face because of it. After having a friend request things to help her daughter as she starts preschool, I talked with another friend whose son was going to kindergarten and she had the same concerns. Sitting down that evening to come up with some designs for them, I thought about an email I received from yet another friend just a few days ago stating that her daughter with egg allergies had now been found with severe peanut allergies as well. Thinking that I should create designs for her too, I remembered another friend whose son has food allergies and I realized…..THIS IS TOO COMMON!!!

No mom should have the fear that someone may unknowingly HURT their baby at school!ย  I wanted to do a little something to try to help, so I designed a few free downloads.

There are round circles that are meant to be made into stickers for items in your pantry. {Instructions and supply links below} This doesn’t mean that harmful foods should be left in the child’s reach, but is more to serve as a helpful way for a toddler or child to identify common foods that are safe OR unsafe!!ย  For older children, these stickers make it clear to them when items have ingredients that they shouldn’t have.

There are also printable cards, sized as business cards {how to make and/or where to order are below} that have important information – from a warning that the child has allergies, to the personal information you can write on the back. One friend plans on putting these in luggage tags to attach to her child’s lunchbox and backpack, but you can also give them out to teachers or parents to help spread awareness!!

Thank you so much to the sweet little ones that inspired this – Elle, Grady, Alexandrea, and Jack and to their mom’s for being so proactive in doing what we mom’s do best….protecting our babies with the strength of a mama lioness.


How to make the stickers – (two options)

1) You can purchase the Avery 2″ circles and use the Word Doc to print on them {the designs won’t be as clear as it’s a word doc, not a PDF file}

2) If you have a 2″ circle punch (if you don’t you should!! You can use this punch for SO MANY craft projects!) then this is the way to go!! The PDF file will print out so clearly, and can be printed on full label paper (LIKE THIS or THIS) then you simply cut on the lines (or right inside them as needed depending on your circle punch) and punch out each sticker.

How to create the cards – (two options)

1) It’s easy to create a nice two side card that can easily be filled out and placed in an important place (A hang tag from the back pack is a GREAT idea) or handed out to teachers, teacher aids, and other parents. I designed a card front and card back that are sized to the specifications of Vistaprint’s personalย  business cards. These are business card size and come in sets of 25! Simply choose to upload the complete design, upload the front and back and order them!! Upon receiving them, fill out the information and you are done!

2) For those of you who are feeling craftier, there is a sheet with front and back designs that you can print from home on bright white cardstock and cut out!ย  You can glue the front and back together, laminate them together {GREAT IDEA – many office supply stores offer this in store} , or simply put them both into a clear hang tag.

As this school year starts, I hope that a few moms will be more at ease using these to help raise awareness for the little ones we try to always protect.

102 thoughts on “Free Printables for kids with Food Allergies”

  1. Fabulous idea! My son has a shellfish allergy so I don’t have to deal with the problem as much as someone with a peanut or milk allergy would but I LOVE the idea!

  2. What a great idea! I don’t have children, but I’ll definitely be passing this link to the parents-of-kids-with-allergies I know ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. This is brilliant. My daughter isn’t school age yet, but it has been something on my mind. There are so many things that could be done with these stickers if they were put in use like the Mr.Yuck stickers for poison control.

  4. You are very kind and generous to produce and share these. I’m meeting with my daughter’s first grade teacher later today about managing her severe peanut allergy at school and we may very well decide to incorporate your designs. Well done and thank you!

  5. That’s a wonderful idea to protect children! Sometimes you think why this doesn’t exist already, it’s so important. But the food industry hasn’t any interest in doing it unfortunately because most of the products on the market harm our health in some way.

  6. Practical and creative! I wonder, though, why an elephant with a smiley or frownie face? (as opposed to a regular smiley or frownie face).

    For parents whose children have mild to severe allergic reactions too foods, was there a visit to an allergist when your child was of a certain age? or was it happenstance…one bad food reaction compelled a doctor’s visit, which then led to other tests?

    1. Haha Good question…I was trying to come up with something “cuter” than a traditional smiley face and just finished illustrating the elephants for a custom I thought, why not? As for being tested, my friends all have different stories, but my son was blood tested at 6 months due to concerns of medical histories and skin problems and was found free of allergies. Most of the kids we know were tested later, due to things the parents noticed, or to a bad reaction.

  7. I just posted on my blog yesterday about my son being tested for a food allergy this week. I reposted this (hope you don’t mind) on my blog and facebook pages. Great idea!

  8. Designing something like this is very clever and it will certainly be helpful to those who are caring for these children. As the parent of a child who has experienced anaphalaxis at exposure to tree nuts, I can tell you that your show of support to these parents is something they probably don’t even know how to express. Thanks for these creative and thoughtful designs. Blessings to you as you continue your work!

  9. I’m lucky enough not to have any allergies but I know people who have allergies both to food, and seasonal, and this is definitely an awesome idea for Mom’s who are afraid of their kids being given the wrong thing, or just plain grabbing for the wrong food too.

  10. REALLY great labels. This is so wonderful and I have posted a link to this page on my blog. Thank you for coming up with something that is so cool AND accessible!

    Your designs are full of life, color and fun. I will happily follow you from now on!

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  12. What a cute idea! When I went to kindergarten with food allergies many teachers would respond with blank looks or “what’s a food allergy?” My, how times have changed! So glad to know that it’s easier for us “allergy kids” now!

  13. This is fantastic! I just showed this to my mother-in-law and we are excited to use these tools to get my son ready to start preschool on Monday. We have used a sharpie to mark things – but the stickers are awesome. Thanks!!

  14. Hats off to you! my daughter is allergic to wheat, sesame, citrus and all types of nuts- this is such a great idea and cute to boot. I am definitely going to try this out.

  15. Great idea! Especially for baby-sitters. I have some stupid food allergies, but luckily nothing like soy, egg, peanuts, or gluten that are in everything. Thanks for posting this and the downloads.

    I wish I could use these with my friends in Japan–the lot of us Americans are allergic to everything (down, gluten, rice, mugwort, fish) and we have some vegans and vegetarians. Since the Japanese do not tend to follow religious or personal dietary restrictions or have a lot of food allergies, I wish we could make a big list of foods/items and stick the stickers on all of it before work dinner parties, grocery store trips, and hotel visits.

  16. Oh, these are so cute! My 3 year old has G6PD and has to stay away from certain food (legumes, especially) and medicines. Thanks, Kori. I will be printing these.


  17. I really like how you use LABELS and symbols and eliminate words. You empower children to make good decisions, which is what I advocate.

    Are you interested in reviewing my book, ‘Raising Able: how chores brat proof families”? Email me your address and I’ll send you a review copy.- susan at susantordella dot net.

  18. This is so wonderful!!! My son is allergic to milk, egg, soy, wheat, and peanuts and I have been looking for just the right thing to label things around here if we were ever to have a babysitter. These are great! Thank you!

  19. This is a great Idea, I am going to show this to my daughters principal. THe have digns on the door with kids with allergies, you can even take certain snacks nto the class room, but some still get in. This is a great idea!!!

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  22. Cute idea! Thanks for sharing… We had my son tested at 8 months of age after a severe attack. Soy and nuts are the big culprits for us and they are in everything it seems. For the home we have been using a big black sharpie and drawing a bold smiley face on the nutritional info box if he can consume the contents and a huge *x* if he cannot. At 18 months, he can already tell the difference, and he knows where to look on the packaging. Consistency is key…

    1. Great idea to mark a big X or smiley!! I agree fully about consistency! That’s one of the nice things with these, you have the file so you can print as many and as often as you want! That way it can be a familiar thing!!

  23. I had also thought of creating a business cards for our son who has allergies – it is a great idea to help keep them safe! He also had lots of intolerances that led to severe eczema but fortunately he is much better with that now that he takes his Belly Boost probiotic for kids. It is still important though that we do all we can to safeguard our kids with special needs in every way possible.

  24. thank you! this is a great idea…and the only thing i am nervous about with my daughter starting preschool is me not being there to monitor her food intake. this makes it a little easier…

  25. Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!! I send food with our preschooler, but I’ve heard her tell me that some of her teachers told her she couldn’t eat her food because it had milk in it. I’m sure the teachers probably said something else to confuse her, but you never know. Thank you!

  26. This is a fabulous idea! Thank you for caring about making the little ones safer. I think this will be instrumental in helping others learn about and be concerned about food allergies.

  27. This is a great idea! My son has about 8 food allergies, and will need to be left in someone else’s care when I give birth in the fall, and I’ve been stressing a little about how to explain which stuff is safe for him (figured I’d label a bin in the cupboard, a bin in the fridge, etc.). The sticker idea is brilliant in case things get moved around.

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  30. where can you get this circle punch from? This is a great idea. I can’t wait to label my son’s foods. THANKS ๐Ÿ™‚

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  32. Thank you! I’m sharing the link to your site with our allergy support group in Ann Arbor!!! We were just starting our back-to-school discussions!

  33. Hi! Thank You!!! My name is Deanna and I’m the Online Community Manager at . We posted a link to your labels and post on our facebook page and I found you through that link. THANK YOU SO much for creating this and filling this need and making it so easy for parents of kids with food allergies to create these for free. I’ll be posting a link on my craft blog as well. Thanks again!

    Deanna Graham
    Online Community Manager

  34. Hi. I am the Founder and President of Food Allergy Education Network. I am a mom to a child with severe food allergies. Even more important than the products that you have so generously shared here, is your wonderful attitude regarding this growing health issue. Thank you for using your talents to help parents and children dealing with food allergies, and for being so supportive of your friends. If more people had your open heart, I could feel confident that our children would be safe in any setting. Thank you for being such a great role model.
    I will be sharing this link on our facebook page and website.
    Thanks again!

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  36. Just wanted to say “THANKS” for these! It is SO hard for my husband to feed my kids when I am not home (which is rarely a problem, but every once in awhile Mommy gets a break or gets groceries sans kids). My children have (combined) allergies to flax, egg, dairy, nuts, artifical colors/flavors and additives/preservatives. It is a lot to remember and I make a lot of our own foods/snacks, but rarely label them so he has to rely on their memory to keep them safe (they are 3 and 8). I can’t WAIT to label the foods I have made so “Daddy” knows what he can feed the kiddos in my absence.

  37. This is fabulously perfect for a child in my Pre-K classroom and is headed for Kindergarten…I have already forwarded this to his parent! Thanks!

  38. Thank you! I have a 21-month-old, just diagnosed with egg, dairy, wheat, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, beef, and pork allergies…so life is interesting! We’ve designated all of the shelves in our pantry in her reach as ” Lily-safe” food only…but this is a great tool for her as she grows and starts to attend birthday parties, school, etc.! It will also be a HUGE help with babysitters and her snack bag at Sunday School! THANK YOU!!!

  39. This is AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing. My kindergartener is a peanut/tree nut allergy. This will work wonders at home as well as at school! Found on FAAN et al. facebook page

  40. Thank you – so awesome! And especially from someone who doesn’t have a child with allergies. Not everyone is so understanding.

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  42. Good work and what a great gift you are bringing to families. I used a similar, not as pretty stickers in my pantry until my son was about 13 years old. Clearly, old enough to read, but truly, at 6am when we are all half asleep trying to make lunches, these stickers make a difference.

    Bravo to you for providing solutions.

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  46. This is so awesome! I am so glad I found this. This is going to help me and my family with my niece, who had PKU. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!!

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