Damask that Pops

Do you recall the AMAZING customer I introduced you to recently? Sandra Downie of Sandra Downie Events is not only incredibly sweet and a blessing to work with, she is covered with style and talent!! She contacted me about a few pieces for a damask table she was working on, and I got to work illustrating my own damask pattern {damask is one of my favorite patterns, and I have illustrated many versions of the popular style for varying purposes}.

I emailed her printable files for the candy bar labels, flags, table signs, and kettle corn snack cups. Upon receiving the sneak peek of these, I almost fell out of my chair! The table was stunning to say the least and was certainly a statement! When I saw the table featured on Amy Atlas this week I was overjoyed for Sandra!! If you haven’t seen it, you should check out Amy’s Post . {There is even a mention of Paper & Pigtails included – SQUEALLLL}

THANK YOU SANDRA for being such a pleasure to work with and letting me show off your incredible talent!

**** Please note that we are moving this upcoming week so my online presence will be minimal****

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