Shop Vacation for Moving Day!

**** I will be placing the shop on vacation while I deal with moving companies, closing tables, getting the little ones settled in new digs, and smiling through the certain hiccups that happen at times like these – SHOP ON VACATION FROM TUESDAY NIGHT 9/7/2010 UNTIL FRIDAY NIGHT 9/10/2010 ****

Almost seven years ago we bought and moved into our first home. We came home from our honeymoon to this home, we decorated our first sweet nursery in the room across from ours before bringing our daughter home from the hospital three years ago, and we just brought our second baby home to his new nursery only months ago. Now it’s time to move on and let someone else make memories here and hopefully feel the love we have felt. I know I am not supposed to be emotionally attached to a house, but I am and although I am ready to go, I will still shed a few tears. I am an emotional person and my “home” really is “where the heart is“. I have been blessed more times than I can count within these walls, and I look forward to many more blessings in new walls!

Upon my return, you can expect to see a lot of things happening and I CAN’T wait to share!!! I have a number of new sets to add to the shop, some fun news about different charity events I am working on, and party planning for things coming up this holiday season!! Sharing all of this with you is going to be so exciting, and I wanted to leave you a “sneak peek” at a few things I have been working on for clients!  Here is the Princess, the Pirate, and there is a Princess & Pirate Set coming as well!!

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