Two Under the Sea Invites! {Coming to the Shop}

This week I am shooting 2 new party sets for the shop that are coordinating! You can mix them up or use one or the other! Here in Florida, “Under the Sea” parties are common place, so I have been wanting to do these for quite a while! While I am shooting the rest of the set on Thursday, I probably won’t be able to post it until next week and I just couldn’t wait to share these new designs!!

Here are the two newest invitation designs for the Etsy Shop –

and the mermaid

and with these invites will come a full page pattern paper of one of my custom patterns…you can use it to make straw flag, bottle labels, or stickers to dress up your sandwich like this! They say presentation is everything…and I agree….

Now, come back on Thursday to see ANOTHER NEW set going in to the shop!

**Cookies in the top photo JUST arrived from Bees Knees Creative….along with some more of the cutest cookies. ever.**

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