2,0,1, and 2 for 2012

{Photo from the NYE Freebies posted here}

The little ones are back to school, the hubby is back to work, and we are all back on schedule as of……NOW! Ok, maybe not entirely, but we are getting there!

2011 was amazing…it’s going to be hard to beat. Aside from being nationaly published for the first time in Celebrate Magazine and having THREE of my designs listed in HGTV.com’s Favorite Printable Party Invitations (seriously….just typing that I have butterflies again!), I made so many wonderful new friends in the party world and worked with more truly inspiring customers than I can even begin to list!

But…as I am often reminded, the best is yet to come so I am thrilled to see what 2012 holds!! I decided to post today about my goals for 2012, and after seeing Anna from In Honor of Design posted a 12 goals for 2012, I thought it was a fabulous idea!!

I decided to change it up a little and do my list for each number this year! So here we go

2 -The number of birthday parties I will host this year.

I have 2 children…so why did I have 3 birthday parties last year? I will post them soon and while they were a ton of fun, this year we will stick to just two.

0 – The number of party planning “jobs” I will take on.

I love parties and styling, but my true passion is stationery design and illustration. Party Planning is something I prefer to leave to the pros! While I will continue to do occasional styling for shoots and to highlight my designs, they are not my main focus…just fun. I will always be a stationery designer who just happens to love hosting a good party and getting my craft on. There are some truly amazing women whom I call friends that are brilliant stylists, planners, and party bloggers, so I will leave that up to them and hope you come here to see what we are doing and loving, what’s new in the shop, and to be inspired by the way clients & reader’s use our designs.

1 – The position held by my family

I love you paper. I adore you illustration and typography. You make my heart beat, but you have nothing on my kids and hubby….they are #1 this year and always.

2 – The number of places you will be able to purchase Paper & Pigtails designs coming this year….

Let’s get this party started 2012!!

0 thoughts on “2,0,1, and 2 for 2012”

  1. That was awesome Kori. Love how you changed it up.
    Personally 12 goals would blow me away if I wrote them down. And I would be super stressed trying to achieve them.
    My goal is to focus on my relationship with Mr. B since we are coming closer to being empty nesters also to keep learning and growing in the blog world.
    Here’s to twenty twelve!!!

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