That title describes how I felt almost all week last week. What is today? What project is most important? What field trip for my daughter’s school? What do you mean the Christmas things still aren’t put away? What are we eating for dinner…considering it’s 5:30pm?

That’s how the whole week seemed to go, and for us, this is typical the week we all come back from holiday vacation…if you have kids you know it’s something like this… You say “I will take care of that Tuesday, when everyone goes back to work/school” and then when Tuesday rolls around, there are so many projects pilled up that its not possible to “catch up” on Tuesday…or Wednesday…or Friday. And to compound the issue, I add in design and freelance projects that I am “certain to have plenty of time for”…

Well, you get it. That was last week. It was hectic and crazy. This weekend my husband indulged my need to “get it together” and we reorganized both kids rooms and the office, and finally got the house sparkling clean again after the pine needles and glittery ornaments, then we went out to dinner so we wouldn’t trash it before the week started. I also had time to wrap up a Valentine Set for someone you will see very soon, fill some orders, and work on some new designs!

Now, this is THIS WEEK and I am ready to go! I feel rejuvenated and revived knowing that life is FINALLY back in order after the holidays! I will be showing off some AMAZING parties from my clients and some I have hosted but not had time to share in the coming weeks…and the most exciting part, they all will have a new set to add to the shop!! YAY!

This morning I sit happy and ready to go…on my pretty brand new computer {squeal}. I hope you all feel “caught up” and ready to jump into this week! Happy Monday Y’all!

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  1. This post is perfect timing! As I’m sure you can tell from my email earlier — I am about one week behind you. Hopefully I will “get-it-together” by the weekend and be all set for next Monday :).

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