Party Friday….Err Monday with She’s Kinda Crafty!


{Photos from She’s Kinda Crafty}

Ok, so I said I was going to get back to favorite vendor posts this past Friday and then…well life happened and I was frantically finishing up cupcakes,backdrops, and paper designs for the sweetest friend’s baby shower!! I will be editing photos to share soon (and I will be sharing another friends baby shower this week!!) but I didn’t want to completely go back on my word…so I am posting party Friday on a Monday. It’s my blog after all, right? My blog. My rules. Party Friday-Monday.

I am going to rave a little today about one of the cutest (and a seriously funny) party friend. She was one of the ones who came to my rescue at the last minute and I used her ribbon wreath as part of the backdrop this weekend! It’s Stacy from She’s Kinda Crafty!!

True story : I wanted a ribbon topiary or wreath…then thought I might try to make my own. Then I realized time was running out of time and I didn’t even know how to make these things, nor did I want to buy a ton more ribbon. I begged Stacy for last minute help and when the darling ribbon wreath showed up I took one look and thought “THANK GOODNESS I DIDN’T TRY TO DO THIS!!!” It was darling, and so well made! Not at all like mine would have been! I was able to give it to the mommy-to-be for room decor after the shower…even better, right? These wreaths aren’t just your one time decoration…they can be used over and over…such great quality!

{Photos from She’s Kinda Crafty}

And if you are more crafty, she sells kits so you can still DIY it without buying $80 worth of ribbon!

Check out the  cuteness that comes from Stacy and I know you will adore her too!

Happy Friday…err Monday!

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