{Boys Will Be Boys} Real Baby Shower

I am so thrilled to share this baby shower I co-hosted in the fall for one of my sweetest friends! Things got crazy over the holidays, so I am just now able to share this fun shower (and I have 3 more parties still to come!)

One of my favorite themes EVER, we decided for her second boy, we’d have a {Boys Will Be Boys} Baby shower…it’s all about frogs, mud, and slime!! Get ready for some dirty fun!!

To start it off, here was the invite I designed –

My favorite part of the design is what it actually says…. A– is for adorable, B– is for Boys {will be Boys}, C-is for Croak, D-is Dirt, E– is for Earthworm, F-is for Frog, G-is for Gross, H-is for Hop, I– is for Ick, J– is for Jump, K– is for Kick, L– is for Lilypad, M-is for Mud, N– is for Na Na Na Boo Boo, O– is for is for Overalls {with worn out knees}, P– is for Pollywog, Q-is for Quick, R-is for Ribbit, S– is for Slimy, T-is for Tadpole, U– is for Unbelievable Love, V-is for Very Silly, W– is for Wet Willies, X-is for X-Rays {when boys play}, Y– is for Yucky, Z- is for Zillions of days full of slimy, silly, lovable boys

I made the invite into a poster sized sign to hang over the food table and for the mom to take home for the nursery!

The photography was done by one of my co-hosts and another of my close friends, Courtney Vickers Photography! 


Now for the photos!


Now for the fun details!!

Knowing our friend was doing frog bedding in the nursery made us start thinking of front ideas….but we wanted something a little different. As this is her second boy…we thought it would be fun to do a “Boys Will Be Boys” shower full of mud, frogs, dirt, and slime!

Food Table:
We didn’t do a “dessert table this time” and instead did a “food table” so we could display all of the fun treats we had! In little cups from Shop Sweet Lulu we put individual servings of guacamole and chips and Black Bean Salsa with pita bread….yes, they looked like mud and slime and tasted fantastic! We also had a beautiful cake, frog cake pops, and Mississipi Mud cupcakes, all made by another co-host, Kara of Lemon Drop Cakerie!  Other items to keep the theme included pinwheels, veggie shooters, and gummy frogs sitting on “lilypads” {lilypads were kiwi-pinapple slices that looked more like lilypads than anything I could have tried to make…so perfect!}

For Drinks, we served both Sierra Mist and Mountain Dew {in their green bottles} with custom Paper & Pigtails Labels. We also made a coconut lime frozen drink which was out of this world tasty…and green!

OK, this was my FAVORITE Baby Shower game EVER!!! We wanted to keep in the theme of Boys will Be Boys, so we made a game called “Mom, what’s this?” and we put things in little cups for the mom to feel and guess what they were…blindfolded! Here were the instructions so you can get an idea of how mean we are to friends –

See how mean we are? =)

Favors: In comes our next cohost….the crafty one! Our friend Wendy is always amazing us with fantastic crafty things so we left favor ideas to her. We all agreed that we prefer “food” favors, so Wendy came up with “Mud Pies” in a jar! All you do is add water and microwave…and I have to tell you…THEY ARE GOOD!!!

Also on the favor table was the baby book made by Courtney featuring beautiful baby photos (because we all know babies love to look at babies) for all of the guests to sign as a guest book!

And because this shower was a few months back…I also get to share with you the little guy this was in honor of….



– Photography: Courtney Vickers Photography

– Party Stationery and Printables: Paper & Pigtails

– Cake, Cake Pops, Cupcakes: Lemon Drop Cakerie

– Paper Cups and Party Goods: Shop Sweet Lulu

19 thoughts on “{Boys Will Be Boys} Real Baby Shower”

  1. Very cute idea to go with the frog theme. I love how you used the green color palette to tie in the invitation. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas!

  2. The CUTEST Boy Shower! I absolutely LOVE it, Kori! I have to give my BFF a Boy Baby Shower in April and I had my heart set on the “Little Guy in the Tie” theme but now…I’m SOOO torn! What’s a girl to do?

  3. I am throwing my little sister a baby shower and love this theme. The favor are adorable, but please tell how to make the mix?

  4. I love your ideas. I am having a baby shower for my first grandson. Could I please have the recipe for the mudpie? Thank you.

  5. mendie parrish

    Can I have the receipe for mud pie in a jar? I’m throwing a pond themed baby shower for my son and his lady, who are expecting a boy in Oct. I really luv the party favor idea.

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