Working on…6 months ago

Where did the last 6 months go?? I have been working on orders, designs, the new line, and some corporate work, so sometimes I think my blog falls to the side. Unfortunately sometimes this means my personal parties do too! I showed you Holden’s playdate {multi kid} birthday party a few months ago in this post, but he also had a small family and close friends party! He loved trains and so we went with a classic train theme! My photographer wasn’t able to make it, so I had to take the photos, edit, etc. (Serious props to you photogs out there…this takes TIME!) I finally found a block of time to edit the photos a few weeks ago and I am getting the post ready now! It will be one of my contributor posts on Celebrations at Home, so stay tuned to see some fabulousness from Edible Details, Bees Knees Creative, Two Prince Bakery Theater, and more! Here are a few sneaks to hold you over!!

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