Welcoming Summer with Ruby

I wanted to take a little time and introduce each Summer Set from the Kori Clark Designs Summer Collection, so I decided to start the first day of summer by introducing you to Ruby!!

I should let you know that my mom is from Mississippi, and I am pretty sure I know everyone still living on my mom’s side of the family. I grew up playing with third cousins (my mom’s cousin’s children) and still remain close with many of them. It was amazing to go to my grandparent’s house in the country growing up and know that everyone in a 5 mile radius was a relative!! =)

Well, one of my sweet third cousins had a beautiful little baby girl and named her Ruby (an all time favorite name of mine!!). When she asked if I could do something for Ruby’s first birthday and told me she wanted something “summery and picnic inspired” I couldn’t wait to add it to the illustrated line!! To me, this design, with it’s lemons and gingham, it’s summery blues and yellows, makes me want to sip lemonade all day long while the kids fly kites!! I hope you enjoy it…


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