For the Love of Table Displays

Have you had the pleasure of meeting my sweet and adorable friend Melissa from Truly Chic Inspirations? You probably have, since she is pretty awesome (and headed up Blog Fete where I will be this fall)….but on the off chance you haven’t, now is the PERFECT time! I adore her style and her blog! She was gracious enough to let me share one of her posts on my blog, and I was thrilled to have her guest blog! Did I mention I adore her style…and I adore table displays? I love this post Melissa put together, so read and enjoy! Thank you Melissa!

I am a BIG fan of table displays and making an impression by using any table setting to its fullest potential. Many have a favorite detail when it comes to events… the cake, the food, the decorations, the design work… I favor the table, not just a portion of the table but the entire setup,layout, and style displayed. Here are 4 table display styles that are seen often and favorites among many.

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Outdoor events are refreshing and many occasions can be celebrated with nature. Weddings, Birthdays, and my favorite- dinner parties are perfect outside parties. Dinner parties are such a great way to get a group of friends and family together for no reason other than to enjoy each others company. Of course weather should always be a consideration when planning outdoor events but go for it, have fun, and take the time to be the hostess with the mostess and set up a table display that will make your friends say, wow! When decorating outdoors don’t be afraid to keep things simple. Dress up those place setting, pick up fresh flowers, and have your wine double as decor. Here’s to many summer outdoor parties!

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The oh so famous dessert table. Much thanks to Amy Atlas and many many many other ladies in the party world for making the dessert table a staple. What I love about a dessert table (besides the beautiful eye candy) is the never ending display options. Desserts and sweets tables can be set up with an abundant amount of food or a simple display that consists of a cake, flowers, and a sign. Many let the dessert table limit them to specific color palettes and a very patterned set up. Bring a fresh approach to this popular display and mix match, use furniture you wouldn’t normally use, and throw out the patterned layout. I think I’m ready for a cupcake now…

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Fun displays are simply just that, fun and unique. Create that DIY project you have wanted to do for months and have it make it’s appearance on the table or hanging from the ceiling. With fun displays don’t worry that it might be ‘too much’, roll with it and have a great time putting things together. Unique displays often grab the most attention, so what are you waiting for? Be the next one to create a display everyone wants to mimic!

via Style Me Pretty

Hello beautiful table with goodies from my house and yard. No secret this table is my favorite style. Eclectic tables can represent the personality of a bride and groom, mom to be, or even the Birthday girl or boy. I adore events that showcase ‘you’ and what ‘you’ are all about! Want to create an eclectic table but not sure where to start? Look around your house. Do you have a favorite frame, favorite dishes, favorite book, favorite potted plant in the yard? See where we are going with this one… pull a few of your favorites together, and give a little height difference to items, and boom.

You can visit Melissa’s Blog – Truly Chic Inspirations for more great posts and ideas!

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  1. I also love Melissa’s style! Thank you for showing people that it’s ok to mix and match decor! I love a bright, beautiful table setting that’s not perfectly symmetrical 🙂 FUN!

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