Charlotte’s 5th Birthday Invite

I am in total shock over the fact that my girl is turning 5. Being a first baby, I was so excited for her to reach all of those “first” milestones and awaited each one eagerly…but by the time she reached toddler years, I realized it was all going way too fast. I remember in detail her being so excited about her turtle party and she would see the things in the kitchen we had made and say “Oh, mama…it BEE OH TE FUL” and my heart would melt. Believe it or not…it’s been two years since then and now she is turning the big 5! She is starting kindergarten in the fall and has developed into the most loving little girl I could have asked for. Lucky for me, she still has a thrill about “HER” parties….probably because with a little brother around she doesn’t get much that’s all for her anymore. She has been helping me plan her rainbow mermaid party and we are now sending out the invites! I know I showed you the mermaid set for the new shop, but I wanted to show you her final design and how we “packaged it”.

We decided to send RSVP cards with her friends invites for a few reasons…

1) I think it’s much easier for people to remember to rsvp with a stamped and addressed envelope in front of them…and more importantly

2) If you have children, you know how excited the get to receive mail. I can’t wait for her to get “letters” from her friends letting her know if they can come to her party!! I know it will build the excitement for her in a whole new way which is worth every stamp!!

Now, if you are inviting 45 kids, maybe this isn’t for you…but considering at her age, all of her friends have siblings, we had to keep her list smaller. We also aren’t sending the RSVP cards to friends and family out of state, they are just for her friends.

Since Charlotte LOVES stickers, we decided to attach the info about the pool party with wash tape, ribbon and twine, and fun stickers she picked out from the craft store! This was also a good way to hold the invite, rsvp card, and envelope together!

I can promise you she is so thrilled about her party she has been planning it for months…I love hearing her come up with “plans” and ideas…so far…she has requested a treasure hunt to find a piñata (like a pirate party we attended) , a mermaid house, magic wands, and a specific cake that I am going to attempt to make myself….wish me luck!


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  1. nancy mcpherson

    lovely as always! The pool tag is adorable. Looking forward to seeing all of the details for her magical day!!

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