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Happy Wednesday! I have a quick share today and I am back to working on the site and working with some fabulous clients!

I love taking the time to invest in myself and my business. I don’t think you can ever go wrong by taking a minute to evaluate where you are, where you want to be, and how you would like to get there. I find myself doing it all of the time…I am a “work in progress” and I plan to be that way for the rest of my life. I like knowing that I can improve and striving to do so. I used to go to Colorado almost every summer growing up. We had a little cabin on the side of a mountain and as a kid (and into my teens) I remember when we got to the cabin, I would look up towards the top of the small mountain the cabin was on ( Bell Rock) and this wave of energy and excitement would wash over me. My brother and I would take off right away ready to reach the top. The cool part was that when we reached the top, we didn’t just stop. We started exploring up there…and when we were done, we would look for another mountain to conquer the next morning. I think life should be the same way, grab your bag, get excited and start climbing…and explore the whole time..and if you reach your goal, explore what’s there and look up for the next goal to strive towards.

I have been feeling social (as in media) I have been listening in to some webinars about Business With Heart posted by a few girls who live one town up from me, and it’s been fun and thought provoking! You can actually listed to the first two on their site here and register for the third this afternoon – http://essentialsworkshop.com/webinars/  . Last week, they encouraged building a pinterest board that reflected you as a way to make sure your branding and identity matched your style and who you are. I have many pinterest boards (a lot for the home we are building in the next year), and even an inspiration and a branding board…but I didn’t have a board of things that just were me, things that make me smile, and things I love and appreciate in life. So, I made one! You can check it out on Pinterest HERE.


I have to say I love it. I love looking at it…it inspires me more than my “inspiration” board.  If you haven’t created a board like this, I highly suggest it. Looking back over it also gave me some insight into my branding designs and design choices…after all, you want your brand to show people who you are. Thanks to the girls at Business with Heart for encouraging this project!

I also am on the Instagram Bandwagon. I love it. I am an addict. I try not to over share, but it still happens. I have been sharing sneak peeks of designs, the new site I am working on and graphics, along with just the day to day fun of life. I would love it if you’d join me there and let me know so I can find you too!  @koriclark



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