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Happy Monday Morning!! I am feeling such excitement in the air as this year goes on!! I don’t know about you all, but I am starting to feel like this year is booking up fast with a million fun things that make my heart full! One of my favorite things about last year was my experience at Blog Fete. I adore the Blog Fete ladies and I believe whole heartedly in their mission, and I am happy to join them in doing a webinar for y’all!

Last fall, I presented at blog fete and I talked about “connecting” and Melissa asked if I would present that topic in a webinar! I am so thrilled and although I will have some of the same content, much of it will be new! The little “blurb” I have on the Blog Fete site about the connecting webinar is “We all know that old saying “It’s who you know” – which is partly true, but the rest should say “It’s who you know that you have connected with and left an impression on”.  In the Connecting webinar course we will discuss how to turn an introduction into a true and real connection, and how to create more opportunities to connect with those around you on a more meaningful level.”

I can honestly say that connecting with others has given me friends I treasure, brought me joy and fulfillment, and opened opportunities doing the work I love that I wouldn’t have dreamed of years ago. We are all capable of talking…personally I have to remind myself to listen more and talk less…but talking and communicating effectively won’t always = connecting. Join me next Tuesday (March 5th) at 9pm EST for the connecting webinar! SIGN UP HERE  and then let me know that you have! I would love to learn a little about you before the webinar!

Hope to see you there!

PS – there is a webinar on March 12th at 8pm put on my my friend Michele at Intrigue Design Studio on Photo Editing and Watermarking (Check it out! It’s so important for bloggers!)

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