DIY Network Rainy Day Crafts

Sorry for the break in posts…I spent last week on a family vacation and I am getting back in the swing of work now! I will share some of our vacation fun soon, but today I wanted to let you all know about a project I did last month! Working for DIY Network, I came up with some Rainy Day Crafts for these spring days and April showers. My kids loved working with me on these and I hope yours enjoy them too!

The first craft is painting silhouettes on canvas! I created a number of templates you can download from the DIY Network Rainy Day Crafts link including the elephant, giraffe, butterfly, flower and kite. For the samples, we created an elephant and giraffe and painted the canvases in an ombre type style, going from dark pink to light pink at an angle!


You can finish the edges of the canvases with washi tape for a super cute effect! See all of the instructions and download the templates here.

Next I worked with my daughter to created a collage monogram! I thought this would be a great present too…using photos of a friend or family member! My daughter is so thrilled with this project and loves it on her shelf!


You can see the directions here. 

Next up…We love to spend rainy days cleaning and getting organized!! OK…so it’s just me. My kids could care less about organizing, which quite frankly makes it hard to do sometimes. This is why I came up with my next project, kid created labels! The labels are editable and printable, and can be downloaded from DIY Network Rainy Day Crafts. You enter in your text and then let the kids take over drawing what it is!! This keeps the little ones occupied while you sort. It also is a huge help when they are cleaning up if your kids aren’t good readers yet, as they can see what items go where by the pictures!


Download your tags and see the instructions here.

Finally, we spent an afternoon making paper flowers and a beautiful winter white flower tree to brighten up the dining room! You can certainly do colors for more of a spring look!


This would also make a good gift for grandma! View the photos and instructions for this project here.

My kids are on Spring Break this week and we are headed out to the patio to paint today…with our silhouettes! I hope you enjoy the craft projects!




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