STOP being busy


Hi Friends!! Have you noticed my recent lack of posts?? Maybe you have…maybe not, but I wanted to share a quick update on here today. As I mentioned, I am working on a new website that includes a graphic shop (illustrations and graphics for both commercial and personal use). I REALLY wanted it to be ready by now, but the truth is that I was too busy being busy to really be productive. I’m a one woman show with some wonderful clients and opportunities for business, an etsy shop, blog, and all the social media goodness (AND two little people and a hubby). I am busy. Always. Busy. So, where does the time come from to design new sets, set up a whole new site, list products, work up the usage rights agreements with the lawyer, and on and on and on… Well, this is where balance comes into play. You see, I can’t balance it all at the same time, no one can {although it took me A LONG time to accept that!} but I can balance my time more effectively. I can look at what items are making me so “busy” all of the time and then compare the importance of those items against the importance of getting the new site done. To be productive in finishing the new site, I HAVE TO STOP being busy with everything else. Some things will have to wait. Some things can’t. So if I don’t get to blog on a regular basis until the shop is done, or post, or if the etsy shop is on vacation a little more please try to understand that for me, it’s time to stop being busy and start being productive!!

As soon as the new shop is open, I have a ton of posts, projects, and new designs for the etsy shop to share…but one thing at a time, friends!

WARNING : When you decide that you have the power to make the changes needed to be more productive and less busy in any given task…the feeling of having superpowers may creep in.


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  1. Nancy McPherson

    Did you write this about me!? I think you did!! Every night I look at what I did that kept me up till midnight and then realize nothing was actually finished! Would love to make a giant poster of your heading today!!

    1. HAHA Nancy!! I think it seriously applies to a lot of us!! It’s hard to accept that busy doesn’t equal productive!!

  2. Wow this is so true. I feel for you because I’m in the same place. I do so much but nothing seems to get done. I think it comes with working from home and raising a family. We’re doing the impossible. Keep it up lady your amazing.

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