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My sweet little man turned 3 in December (PS I am still in denial…three sounds so big!) and we celebrated with friends, family, and monster trucks. Ever since he was old enough to ask, he wanted transportation toys and when he caught sight of a monster truck I was illustrating, he wanted that for his party and there was no changing his mind! We decided to have a “Modern Monster Truck Party” with lots of clean lines, and a simple style!

We had a fantastic time, but his party was quickly followed by the holidays, one of our dogs getting very sick, and my favorite photographer, Courtney of Courtney Vickers Photography was busy juggling a million projects before her third baby boy arrives…so I told her to take her time on sending me the photos she had taken for me to share on the blog. When she sent them over I was in the trenches of finishing the new E-Store…so finally now, months later, I can share all of the fun we had with you!

I hope you love photos, because I just couldn’t decide between them…so I am posting all of my favorites! I think this was one of my personal favorite parties…it was modern and clean, sweet and simple, and the kids had a blast! We found blow up tires at a pool supply store and bought about 10 of them which we used in decoration, some floating in the pool, and games (like throwing the football through the tires). We set up a ten by ten tent on the patio to decorate and provide extra shade in the florida sun.


I designed his invites, favor tags, tent cards, and bottle labels with the monster truck digital illustration (in the shop HERE).


I love the impact tassels make, so I got these cuties from the cute Carmen at The Flair Exchange


My kids love a dessert table as much as I do, so we had a blast setting up this one!


Chocolate covered donuts are one of my little man’s favorites and a treat we only have on special occasions, so we had to include them! It’s only an added bonus that they look like spare tires!  We use sticks from The Tomkat Studio (along with the big red balloons, treat bags, and cupcake cups!).




My sweet friend Maria from Love and Sugar Kisses makes the prettiest chocolate covered Oreos, and when I saw what she did for Holden’s party, my eyes almost popped out of my head! I mean, little trucks and tires? On cookies? Seriously Awesome. They taste just as amazing as they looked…these were a HUGE hit with kids and parents alike!


I had the multi talented Renee from Bees Knees Creative craft up some little bite size sugar cookies to match his invite and theme.


Cupcakes are a staple at Clark family parties…probably due to mom’s sincere love for them. I served them in little baking cups with plenty of icing and a spoon to dig out all of the yumminess! Brittany from Editable Details created that ridiculous little fondant monster truck I used to decorate the plate! She blows my mind!


FInally at the center of the table was my homemade “mud cake”. The instructions from Mr. Three went something like this “Momma, I want chocowate in my cake, and vaniwa..but not swirlwy together. And I want it to wook wike mud.”


I made him a layer cake, with chocolate chunk icing, chocolate rocks around it, and fondant toppers from Editable Details. He couldn’t have been happier!


Little brother and big sister waiting for the guests to arrive!



At each place on the table there was a water bottle, a plate and napkin, and a goody bag customize with a printable circle tag! Inside the goody bags were some fun little treats and a mini light up monster truck toy that made noise (because I know ALLLLL parents love things that make noise, right?)


We also had bags to fill with extra rocks or gumballs to take home to siblings and add to the goody bags!


Aside from the water, we kept a little “motor oil” out in case anyone needed extra hydration.



We planned several games that the kids loved, but the one that got the most attention was the race track. It was actually a last minute addition to the game list, and the kids loved it! We used painters tape to tape out the race tracks, taped down pool noodles to keep them from running off the track, and a collection of “shake n’ go” toys we found on black friday for $2.50 a piece!

and this face….



makes me feel like the luckiest mom in the world!

All photos by Courtney Vickers of Courtney Vickers Photography

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